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Century offers an unmatched selection of wall and floor tiles to add depth to any space.

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Aside from appearances, modernization in the composition of floor tile makes tile far more durable and water resistant than other flooring options, making it a no-brainer for light and even high traffic spaces.

Typically made from either ceramic or stone, tile is adhered with mortar on a tile board and grouted into place. Small grout lines are recommended for easier cleaning and to mask smaller sized tiles.
Stone tiles can be made with the same material used in slabs, like marble and granite, but at a fraction of the cost. Glazed tile is best as it provides a nonporous surface that resists bacteria and stains.

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Endless opportunities in various tile applications

Floor Tile

Tile flooring is versatile enough to stand up to heavy traffic while still being one of the most popular options in flooring –creating unique spaces that come to life with creativity.

Wall Tile

Wall tiling gives a space its own personality. In addition to being easy to clean, the dynamic options in today's wall tile selection allows for boundless potential in its applications.


Make any space truly unique by selecting from limitless possibilities in tile pattern, color, and shape.

Accent Tile

Make plain spaces dazzle by adding your own unique tile selection and placement.

The details make all the difference

Just when you thought the fun was over, the next step is selecting grout to accent your tile design and application.

Our expert team is here to help create your ideal space.

Why choose Century?

Are you seeking a maintenance-free surface? Is stain, heat, and scratch resistance among the top priorities for your space? Or perhaps style is what matters most? With access to exceptional materials to fit every style and budget, Century is your go-to source for all your tile needs.

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